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A good article is an article that meets a set of editorial standards. Good articles have passed through the WikiShia wikification process according to the manual of style, they have links, infoboxes, navboxes, pictures, notes, references, see also, external links, where possible and also sources. The size of articles are also considered if a short article can not become a good article.

Good articles category makes it easier to have a better picture of the quality of the articles in WikiShia. When a page is determined as a good article in the {{editorial box}} -by adding the date in front of the corresponding field- is added to a page, a blue mark (Sliver-star.png) would appear on top-right of the page.

Featured articles are chosen from good articles, when a good article is promoted to featured article -by adding the date in the corresponding field-, the good article mark moves down in line with other icons in the top right corner of the article and a green mark (FA.png) appears in its place.

Good articles are shown in the main page in the "recommendations" section by the order of addition. It is preferred to choose sentences of the "did you know" form good articles.

Good article assignment is a subject to review and change; so, if one of WikiShia editors feels that a good article is not as good as it has to be, the status could be removed.

It's so cool that an article has made it into good articles criteria but it does not mean that the article doesn't have any room for improvements. The job is never over.


So far the articles specified as good articles are as follows: